Things Buyers Avoid When House Hunting in Hilton Head Island

Things Buyers Avoid When House HuntingHome buyers of today expect more and are willing to overlook less when searching for a home, whether it’s their first or fifth. Not every home is move-in ready, and buyers know that, but there are certain things that the majority of Hilton Head Island buyers will avoid when house hunting.

Buyers view homes with a list of priorities and wants. Some things are more easily accepted than others. Here is a list of things buyers avoid when house hunting, so if you’re selling, it’s a good idea to address these items before listing.

1. Landscaping that has not been maintained. Trim and prune shrubs and trees, remove all weeds, or even update the landscaping with low-maintenance shrubs or grasses.

2. Pools that have not been maintained. If it’s filled with green water or has a leak, either have repairs completed or expect an offer to be lower than your asking price.

3. High-cost items like structural issues, mold, water damage, central air conditioning issues, or plumbing problems.

4. Salt water damage. Whether it’s your deck, trim, roof, or landscaping, buyers will typically keep looking at other properties if they see a lot of damage by the salt spray. Take the steps to repair the damage before listing.

5. Not enough closet space. Buyers love storage space, no matter how large or small the house is. If you have the option of creating more closet space before you list, it will be appreciated by buyers.

6. Outdated kitchen and baths. Again, the high-cost element comes into play. There are things you can do before you list to update these spaces like painting cabinets, changing the knobs and handles, and adding a fresh coat of paint.

If a buyer’s perception of the home is that they are getting a good deal (like a foreclosure or investment property), they are typically willing to take on more work than your regular listing. But if that’s not the case with your home for sale, address the things buyers avoid before you list to sell quicker.

What else do you want to know more about if you’re selling your home in Hilton Head Island?

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