Coligny Beach Park: Best Family Beach in Hilton Head Island

Coligny Beach ParkWhether you’re on a family vacation or your family lives in Hilton Head Island, there’s no doubt that going to the beach is one of the things you look forward to. While our area is home to 12 miles of gorgeous sandy beaches, Coligny Beach Park is the most family friendly AND fun for adults too. In fact, in 2011, Parents Magazine named Coligny Beach Park the #2 Best Family Beach out of thousands of beaches across the United States!

The beach is located at Coligny circle which intersects Pope Avenue with North and South Forest Beach Drive. At the beach, you’ll find restrooms, outdoor showers, pay phones, WI-FI, and is handicap-accessible. In addition to all of that, The Holiday Inn on the beach has volleyball courts as well as a full service outdoor bar called The Tiki Hut.

One of the things that is especially kid-friendly, and safe, about Coligny Beach is the shallow water. You have to walk out about thirty feet to be above 3 feet of water. At low-tide, you can wade and swim in the pools of water and even find a few beach friends like sand dollars and starfish.

Your Guide to the 12 Miles of Hilton Head Island Beaches

This is one of the best parts; since the re-design, Coligny Beach Park features fountains with synchronized jets! Not only are the fountains fun for kids and adults, it’s the perfect way to rinse off the salty ocean water after being at the beach!

Coligny Beach Park has other fun things you can do during your visit. Cool off in a swing under a gazebo, relax in the rocking chairs or Adirondack chairs, and taking family pictures are just a few.

Directly across from the beach is a major retail area called Coligny Plaza. Not just any retail area either, but a place that offers shopping and dining, entertainment, and a movie theatre.

What are your favorite things to do on the beach?

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