Tips to Simplify Your Move in Hilton Head Island

First comes finding a house you love, next comes packing, then comes moving day! Whether you’ve hired movers or gathered up friends and family, moving day is filled with things that can be made easier with these tips.

Moving Tips Hilton Head Island

1. If you’ve hired movers, do yourself a favor and be there for the pickup and unload portions of the day. Look over the inventory list very carefully before they get on the road. Then again during unloading, carefully check that all of your items are accounted for and undamaged.

If you haven’t hired movers yet but are thinking about it, there are a variety of moving companies here in Hilton Head Island that offer services for any size move.

2. Have all of your boxes packed before moving day. There’s nothing worse than throwing things into bags and boxes at the last minute. It will be a huge time saver if you pack and label the boxes and be ready to load the vehicle’s when they arrive.

3. Prevent parking from becoming a problem. Make sure ahead of time that there is ample room for the moving truck or trucks to park.

4. Set up a place for your pets to keep them out of the way on moving day. It can be dangerous to be carrying furniture and boxes and trip over the family pet.

5. Have an idea where the furniture will be placed ahead of time. You will have been in the house you’re moving into at least the day before closing, so go prepared with a list of your furniture and put together a basic floor plan. This will go a long way in saving time on moving day if furniture has to be moved more than once.

6. Create a moving day checklist. Include things like:

  • Making sure the cell phone are charged.
  • Pack food and drinks for the day separately and keep track of its whereabouts.
  • Have the proper clothes for the day, it can get pretty hot!
  • Don’t pack the umbrella, you might need it for moving day.
  • Leave out something to sleep in the first night in your new house.
  • Buy any cleaning products you’ll need to give your new home its first bath! Also have towels, soap, and paper towels packed separately.
  • Have money set aside to pay for the movers, pizza, or anything else that might come up on moving day.

7. If you’ve hired movers, be sure to pack and take any personal and valuable belongings with you to your new house, don’t leave them for the movers.

8. Confirm with everyone the directions to get from the current house to your new house.

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or doing it again for the fifth time, there are always things you should do ahead of time to plan for a smooth moving day. Whether you’re moving here to Hilton Head Island or anywhere else in the world, may it be stress free!

My name is June Seebohm and I am an experienced Realtor serving the Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, SC area’s. I am happy to help you in any way that I can in regards to learning about our beautiful area, as well as any and all of your real estate needs or questions! Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email: or call 843-290-2929. I also have a Facebook Page and would love to connect with you there. Whether you are a vacationer, resident, buyer, seller, or current home owner/renter interested in the Hilton Head area, this is a blog you’ll want to follow!

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