Tips to Make Your Home Holiday Ready

There are four key areas of your home that you can focus on when decorating for the holidays that will go a long way toward making your guests feel welcome and comfortable.  So pull out those decorations, put on the music, even invite a friend over to help, and get your home holiday ready!

1. Exterior
Since the outside of your home is the first thing your guests will see as they arrive at your home, this is where you’ll want to start.  Adorn your front door with a holiday wreath and use garland and lights above the front door to create a welcoming feel.  Having a theme is another way to complete the look.  For example, use all white lighting and a white ribbon on the wreath.  Using white is especially nice here in Hilton Head Island since you won’t see snow on the ground!

2. Foyer / Entryway
In most cases, your foyer or entryway will have some kind of lighting.  If it’s a hanging light like a chandelier, that makes for the perfect place to add festive decor.  Drape garland around the light fixture and hook large ball ornaments in the same color to complete the look.  You can be as minimal or extensive as you want, but one tip is to, again, have a theme for your color choices.  If you used white ribbon and lights on your front porch, you can carry the white into the foyer as well.

3. Kitchen
Since the kitchen is typically the gathering spot for friends and family, this is an area of your home you’ll want to focus on when preparing for the holidays.  Do yourself a favor and keep the cooking and serving areas clear of large decorations, and utilize your wall space, cabinets, and hanging lights to their full potential!

If you have space between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling, use lighted garland to add a warm glow.  Choose a large, festive wreath to create a focal point, and duplicate your foyer lighting decor above the table.

4. Living Room
Real or artificial, nothing says ‘holidays’ like your Christmas tree!  When decorating it, use the same color theme you used in your foyer.  The living room will also be a gathering spot, so make it comfortable for guests by adding a few throw pillows in holiday colors.  Last but not least, if you have a fireplace mantle, the possibilities are endless!  A mantle gives you the opportunity to set a display as minimal or dramatic as you want.  Use lighted garland, holiday ball ornaments, stockings, or miniature Christmas trees to complete the look.

What’s your favorite room to decorate for the holidays?

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