How to Prepare Outdoor Furniture for Winter

The Fall season presents the perfect time of year to prepare your outdoor furniture for the upcoming cooler months.  While most furniture nowadays will stand up to whatever winter brings, there are some things you can do to make sure it will look its best next year.  After all, the happier you are with your furniture, the more likely you are to use your outdoor space for entertaining and good times!

Before you jump right in and accept that this year’s Summer season is coming to a close, keep in mind that some of the best temperatures for spending time outdoors in Hilton Head Island have yet to come.  If fact, you may find yourself outside more now than during those hot afternoons since October’s weather ranges from the low 60’s to the mid 70’s!

End of Summer Checklist to Keep Outdoor Furniture Looking its Best Year After Year

1. Know what choices you have for storing outdoor furniture.  Whether it be a garage, shed, or storage unit, knowing how much space you have ahead of time will make things easier for you when it comes time to store it.

2. If storing in a dry location isn’t possible, at least remove the cushions, wash them if possible, and put them indoors.  You can also use a mild soap and water to clean them.

3. If you have to leave everything outdoors, we recommend investing in heavy-duty, waterproof covers that will protect from the elements.  Vinyl is a durable and budget-friendly option!

4. Before covering your outdoor furniture, it’s really important to clean everything first.

How to Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

Clean Wicker: Power wash with a gentle spray to remove any loose dirt from between the weaves.

Clean Wood: Use a dry brush to remove loose dirt and dust, then rinse off with the hose.  Gently scrub with a cloth and soapy water, rinse, and allow to dry completely before covering.

Clean Metal: Wipe down with a damp cloth.  Remove any rust spots with some oil on a soft cloth.

-Clean Plastic: This is the easiest to clean.  All you need is soap, water, and a cloth.

-Remove Mold: Mix 2 capfuls of bleach in a bucket HALF full of COOL water.  Use a scrub brush with strong bristles and gently rub over mold.  Make sure to rinse completely and allow to dry before covering.

Once all of your outdoor furniture is clean, you can cover it and move it to where it will be stored during the winter months where it will wait in anticipation of entertaining again next Spring!

What other tips do you have for preparing outdoor furniture for winter?

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